Monday, October 25, 2010

Nightmare On State Street 2

Nightmare on State Street Last year was insanity. This year we bring you even more party favors.

Team Bayside High, These guys are party monsters. They host one of Americas top rated parties every week (REHAB) They Play at Lollapalooza and they burn down stages (Literally)

Star Persons, This Electro Rap group has been consistently bringing solid tunes and they give one hell of a performance.

Zooniversity Guest MC's and Performance of "Teach Me How To Bucky"

And of course, your hosts for the evening Dirty Disco Kidz. If you live in Madison and you like dance music you already know the deal. Lets GO!!!

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Moments from Dirty Disco Kidz x Yea.Nice Clothing Launch Party

The Dirty Disco Kidz x Yea.Nice Clothing Launch Party was epic. Here are some photos and links to update you on DDK and Yea.Nice.

Dirty Disco Kidz Get a Shot out from Yea.Nice in their interview with ESPN. Check it out!!

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