Thursday, September 24, 2009

F. Stokes & Dirty Disco Kidz Present F.I.L.M.

We Present to you...with great honor....F.I.L.M.

Click Here To Download F.I.L.M.

Track Listing:

1. F.I.L.M. Intro (Produced by Mr Physix)
2. Sparse Parts Remix (Produced by Mr Physix)
3. Soul Clap Remix (Produced by Mr Physix & Vinnie Toma)
4. Pretty Shit Remix (Produced by Dahnamics & Mr Physix)
5. Hang On Remix (Produced by Mr Physix)
6. So Into You Remix (Produced by Dahnamics & Mr Physix)
7. Blessings Remix (Produced by Mr Physix, Dahnamics, Vinnie Toma & Special Ops)
8. Jeremiah Remix (Produced by Mr Physix)
9. Go (Produced by Dahnamics)

Bonus Track:

Tickle me vs. Cossa Frenzy (Mr Physix Mash up & Re edit)

All Scratches by: Mr. Vinnie Toma

Mixed & Mastered by: Chris Miedaner

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