Friday, November 20, 2009

Dirty Disco Kidz in the Press

"It's been a minute since I've posted the music of F.Stokes; the heads from The Dirty Disco Kidz hit me up with their remix of his Death Of A Handsome Bride EP, and its sick. F.I.L.M. combines the raw lyrics of Stokes with the throwback to the future production of DDK. I put my stamp on it."

-Rock the Dub

"this should tide you over until F. Stokes' full-length comes out"

-Midwest Broadcast

"Don’t be confused y’all,
this project is real serious"

-Flawless Hustle

"They build the momentum up, pushing you into a hip-hop funk that you will dig."

"The opening track, "Sparse Parts Remix", hits you like a ton of bricks, I started bobbing my head instantaneously as the first bar dropped."

"The most interesting aspects of the project are that the sounds are so original and the beats and lyrics really show how versatile their whole crew is"

-The 111rd World

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